PRIVATE, PERSONALIZED mentorship sessions for photographers



How much of it have you wasted searching through endless YouTube videos and blogs that don’t end up giving you the answer you were looking for? Or that don’t explain it in a way you can understand?

Many years of trial-and-error have left me wishing I would have gotten a mentor years ago! Someone who is just a little bit farther ahead of you, in the same journey can give you all of the tips and tricks to make it to the top the easy way, rather than struggling to figure it out on your own. I’ll never judge you, or make you feel stupid for not knowing something. Wherever you are in your photography journey, I’m here to give you a leg up, and cheer you on!

I can teach you how to create beautiful, heart-warming, emotive, story-telling images and short films all while making your clients feel confident, totally relaxed, and leaving their session saying “Wow. That was easy, and actually really fun!”

Virtual Mentor for Wedding, Portrait, and Lifestyle Photographers 

Invest in yourself and become totally confident in:

Maternity sessions


Couples sessions

Lifestyle newborns & babies

High school senior portraits

Weddings & elopements

Using Flash and Strobes

Finding, Booking, and Serving Your Clients

meet cherish

I love to teach, and will never stop talking about photography with people who will listen, so be ready to SOAK IT ALL IN! 

meet cherish

Ready to nerd out with me?! When we work together, I want you to be fully present and open to absorbing the information, so I record all meetings. This way, you don’t need to worry about missing any important information or needing to take notes. You can just enjoy your private nerding-out time with me in the moment, soaking it all in and asking all the questions you need to ask. Then, I'll share the recording of our session with you as soon as it's ready.

1. choose your destiny

Choose which package is right for you and book your mentorship session date. After you’ve checked out, you will get an email from me explaining your next steps! 

Go with the flow...

2. fill out the questionnaire

Once we decide we're a good fit, I send a contract and invoice. You'll then fill out my questionnaire and return it to me a few days ahead of time so we can hone in on exactly what you need to learn, and ensure that I answer as many of your questions as possible during our time together.

3. have your mind blown

It's time! On your scheduled date, you'll have your mind BLOWN by how much you learn during our mentorship session. We will pinpoint your struggles, find you the perfect solutions, set individual goals, create your personal coaching plan, explain your next steps, and go from there! 

4. watch your biz flourish

Use what you have learned to take your work and your business to the next level.

"The best thing about Cherish is how open she is with sharing her knowledge. She also answers every question with importance, no matter how silly you may think it is. She has given me confidence when I'm behind my own camera. It's very fun being around her and seeing the passion she has for it. Cherish is a great teacher and I love when I have the chance to work along side her."

"Whatever it is you’re personally looking to gain out of the learning experience, Cherish is eager to help you achieve. From technical settings in my camera to explaining lighting and positioning, she’s greatly enhanced my photography knowledge in a very short amount of time. She explains things well, and has so much experience in this field!"



the redwood

Here's how you can work with me:

6 personalized coaching sessions (one-hour video meetings 2 weeks apart)

PLUS my professional Lightroom presets and brushes

Customizable templates for pricing sheets, session contracts, questionnaires, and my family style guide.


package price:

the roots

3 personalized coaching sessions (one-hour video meetings 2 weeks apart)

PLUS my professional Lightroom presets and brushes


package price:

the sapling 

One-hour video meeting where we can discuss anything you need help with. (This includes screen sharing so you can see my editing process.)


package price:

let's shoot the shit

First we will sit down together at a cute little cafe or diner, eat (my treat!), and discuss anything you need help with. I’ll gladly spill all of my secrets! 

Then, we will head to our chosen shooting location to meet the models for our Live Shoot. 

A few days later, we will have video chat where I can share my screen to teach you my post session workflow, including culling, backing up files, editing, and gallery delivery. (Travel fees apply over 100 miles)


package price:

Due to the customized nature of these mentorships, and the included material, all Mentoring is non-refundable. 

Dates are weather permitting, if there is terrible weather or an act of god that prevents our original date from working out, a follow up date will be provided. Models are booked and styled for you depending on your niche and ideal client.

All included materials, templates and presets are copyrighted property of Cherish Harper Photography and are not permitted for resale, reproduction, or sharing. File sharing is a violation of copyright law unless the copyright owner gives explicit permission. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action. 

Featured in-person mentorship with live shoot:


Virtual options:


After you’ve checked out, you will get an email from me explaining your next steps!

I CANNOT WAIT to see your growth.