New Photography Podcast for women with ADHD

Focus For Fuck’s Sake (#focusffs) is a new photography/creative business owner podcast that is real, raw, down-to-earth, and totally relatable (especially for women suffering with ADHD/Neurodivergence).

Focus For Fucks Sake is a podcast for photographers who are just getting started. Photographers who dream of starting a business someday. Photographers who are afraid to start a business. Photographers who already have a business and want more clients. Photographers who have too many clients and feel like they are drowning. It’s for photographers who doubt themselves because their disabilities, disadvantages, disorders, or present situation make the idea of following their dreams feel like an impossible feat. We can get our shit together – TOGETHER.

I’m excited to find my ADHD photographer people (ADHDtographers? I hate it.) and shower them with all the love, support, and “let’s fucking GO!” attitude I can give them.

Where can I listen to the Focus for Fuck’s Sake Podcast?

You can listen anywhere you get your podcasts! And make sure you subscribe to always get notified of new episodes.

You can always hear the newest episode right here.

Want to be a guest, can’t find it on your favorite podcast player, or have a topic you want me to discuss? Email me at

Focus for Fuck’s Sake – A podcast for photographers with ADHD