Tips for Getting the Family Photos You’ve Always Dreamed of

Location, Location, Location.

Figuring out your location should be your first step after booking your photo session. 

A gorgeous location is priority number one if you want beautiful photos, but choosing the perfect location for your family will be different for everyone. (I mean, you don’t want to be bringing your toddler someplace where they could fall off of a cliff or something, but that location might be perfect for someone with older kids who are past the “running off of a cliff stage”.)

Every family is unique, but I will help you find a location that is perfect for yours. 

Embrace the Chaos.

(As long as they are safe), Let them splash, pick, climb, run, jump, eat, (I mean, if it’s necessary.) Let them get dirty and wrestle and play. When you first arrive, we will do some quick simple photos of everyone together and all clean, from there I want to watch and capture the real you, not just standing and smiling in a pretty place, but the way you stroke your daughter’s hair, or the way your son always pats your back when he gives hugs, or how your youngest is always running amok with bare feet and dirty fingernails, the look on your face when you see your partner being a loving parent. These are the moments that I am after. I want to tell your family’s story, not just take their photo. 

It’s gonna be awkward at first, roll with it.

Most people need a few minutes to get comfortable in front of the camera. It’s totally normal to have a hard time ignoring a lens and focusing on your family, especially at first. But I promise you will get used to it, relax into it, and enjoy this time in a gorgeous place with the people you love.

Don’t pose.

I promise it’s not your fault, we have all been trained to look at the camera and smile. None of my clients are models. They are all very regular people with insecurities and the thought in their head that they are “awkward” or “not photogenic”. They probably feel that way because they look uncomfortable in posed photos. There is nothing natural about stopping what you are doing, looking at a camera, and smiling, so it doesn’t look or feel natural to most people. 


You don’t have to “know what to do”. I will direct you into good light, and prompt you as much as you need with fun games or activities to keep you all moving, playing and making memories together. If anything looks awkward, you’ll hear me say something like, “Bend that knee.” Or “Relax into it” or something. You don’t need to tell your kids to smile, or look at me, or stand up straight. I want you to play, snuggle, explore, dance, and to genuinely enjoy each other.


Once your location is chosen, I can help you figure out exactly what your family should wear to create photos that are beautiful, flattering, blend perfectly with your surroundings, and don’t distract from your genuine connection with each other. 

Here are my standard guidelines for styling your session

If you want to wear a simple, flowy, flattering dress, but don’t want to buy one, check out my (small, but growing) CLIENT CLOSET! I also have options for kids and babies! Since it’s always changing, it’s best to just email me your family’s sizes and I can let you know what I have available.

Click here for outfit ideas for the whole family.


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