Floating Bed Engagement Session

I nearly lost a camera on our paddle boat ride over to this tiny island in the middle of long lake in Lacey, Washington, but it was totally worth it for this session.

I loooooove these photos. I had just “finished” recovering from surgery when we did this session and I could not WAIT to pick up my camera again. It was the perfect session to re-ignite my creativity after being stuck in a bed for weeks and weeks.

I highly recommend doing a floating bed session, but I have a few tips for you first.


Before you go off shooting anything in/near water, make sure your gear is covered! We took a paddle boat out to a tiny island on Long Lake. I recommend more secure form of travel with expensive camera equipment. On the way there, we were nearly rocked out of our seats, and took on a big ole splash of water from the wake of a speed boat. One of my cameras got majorly wet.

The first thing out of my mouth was “It’s okay, I have insurance.” But when I got home and actually read through my policy, I learned that not only was I not covered for any damage that happens while on a watercraft, but I wasn’t covered for any damage to my equipment anywhere outside of my home! What in the hell kind of garbage policy is that? Probably one for studio photographers…

I decided that investing in proper insurance converage (I use Full Frame insurance!) was really important after this session, and I’m glad I did. I feel way more secure now that I am covered the way I need to be.


My only other tip! Bring along an airpump that doesn’t need to be plugged in. Have your assistant pump that sucker up while you are shooting the couple, or grab yourself one of these bad boys. https://amzn.to/42x3cYo .


Don’t forget a set of sheets, blankets, flowers, and whatever else you want to make it extra purty.

Then just make some MAGIC! Get in the water, splash, play, and go nuts!

No two engagement sessions are alike. We can literally do whatever you want! Hit me up if you want to plan one with me!

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