Katie & Reid’s Glamorous Olympia Waterfront Wedding

The most Olympia wedding ever.

Katie and Reid were middle school sweethearts who found each other again as adults and threw the most incredible, most Olympia party ever to celebrate their marriage. 

You probably had no idea that you could get married at the Olympia Oyster House, did you? I didn’t either, and it was one of the funnest venues I’ve ever shot at!

We started the day off at Olympia Hair Company where all the ladies got their hair done. The incredible Ryane Myer at Ocean Esthetics met Katie there to do her makeup and I arrived just as they were taking advantage of that killer window light.

After we all took turns untangling her jewelry, Katie’s daughters helped her into her dress, and all the final touches came together.

From there, I rushed my little buns across downtown Olympia to Reid’s mom’s house where he was frantically writing his vows when I arrived. After a few youtube videos and some help from his brothers, we finally managed to get his tie on.

Reid’s sweet and wonderful mama was there to pin on his boutonniere, and we all had a little cry over it.

From there, Reid and I headed to the back yard to wait for his bride to show up in her limo for the first look.

Katie’s family gave her a locket of her grandparents to carry with her on her wedding day.

After all of our wedding party and family photos were done, the ladies retired to a boat to wait for their ride to the ceremony at the Oyster House.

Katie arrived by boat at Percival Landing and was walked by her father up to the Oyster House back patio where hundreds of guests and her husband to be all waited to watch her glow down the aisle.

I always plan “Alone Time” into my wedding timelines, so right after the ceremony, Reid and Katie had theirs back on the boat.

But before I left them alone, I had to get a few photos of Katie with the boat, cuz dammmmmmmmn.

After their alone time, they were greeted with a roaring crowd that was ready to PARTTTTYYY.

We danced, and laughed, and did all the fun wedding things until sunset, when I took Reid and Katie out for their last little couple session with me.

Before this wedding, I thought that I didn’t want to do large weddings anymore, but this one changed my mind. It reminded me just how much fun they can be! I love this day forever and ever, and I am so glad that Katie and Reid let me be there.

Katie and Reid were also one of my first couples to get a video. Here’s how theirs turned out.

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